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    Turnabol (Turinabol) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    Bodybuilding is a professional sport that allows you to build a beautifully sculpted body, improve your health, boost your self-confidence and get more attention from the opposite sex. For faster results, experts often recommend turnabol (turinabol) buy for beginners. This is an anabolic steroid whose main purpose is to help the athlete build muscle.

    Turanabol is also known as Tbol, Tball, Turinabol, Turnabol

    Features of Turinabol (Turnabol) steroid and indications for its use

    The product is exceptional because it has low anabolic properties and no estrogenic side effects.
    The product does not convert into estrogen. Its greatest advantage is its ability to increase the effect of anabolic steroids so that their dosage can be significantly reduced and the harm to the athlete's body decreased.

    Turnabol (Turinabol) for bodybuilding provides:
    # Building high-quality lean muscle mass without fluid retention;
    # Effective burning of subcutaneous fat;
    # improved mood;
    # rapid recovery from injuries and intensive exercise.

    The product is an improved version of the anabolic steroid Dianabol (turnabol), which has a milder mechanism of action on the body of the athlete. Despite its lower anabolic effectiveness, it is still used by many athletes, due to its lack of side effects.

    It should be noted that no anabolic steroid is perfect, so it can also cause adverse reactions, especially when used in high doses for a long time.

    Turnabol (turinabol) buys today mean getting an excellent product with anabolic effects of 180% and androgenic effects of 50% of testosterone. The duration of the active functioning of the oral form of the product inside the body is about 16 hours. The drug has a low conversion rate. To avoid side effects, it is recommended to use the steroid in a dosage of 20 to 40 mg per day. In order to reduce the load on the liver and to balance the hormonal background, experts advise dividing the daily dose into 3 doses. Turnabol (Turinabol) steroid is often taken in an amount of 100 - 159 mg per day after consultation with a physician. For track and field athletes, skiers, and boxers, where endurance performance is important, 10 to 20 mg is sufficient. A standard solo course lasts no more than 6 weeks. To build muscle, Turnabol (Turinabol) is often combined with testosterone enanthate. In this case, the first steroid is taken at 20 mg per day, and the second at 250 mg per week. Turnabol (Turinabol) steroid is considered to be as safe as possible for a reason, as practically the only side effect is a liver disorder. And in the case of observance of the duration of a course and use of the recommended dosages, the negative phenomena from an organism are practically excluded. What is the complex effect of taking turnabol (turinabol) steroid? "It is preferred by athletes who want to get a good-quality addition of lean muscle tissue. Practice shows that during the 6-week course 4 to 6 kg can be gained. Physical strength and endurance values are also guaranteed to increase. The concentration of globulin, which binds sex hormones, decreases. There are no estrogenic reactions on the course. There is an increase in blood levels of free testosterone. Taking Turanabol is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The added bonus of increased libido on the course cannot fail to please male athletes. The effect of taking tbol has a somewhat delayed effect. The indices increase slowly, but at the end of the course, they are of very high quality. It is in fact an analog of testosterone enanthate, which does not retain unnecessary water in the physique of pros and beginners.

    What to take Turinabol (Turnabol) with?  Combined courses

    Turinabol is often used in combined weight gain courses as an anabolic agent with an androgenic drug. The variants of such courses can be 'broad as hell'.
    The most common combinations for oral Turnabol (dosage per day)

    Turinabol (Turnabol) course for beginners

    Turinabol (Turnabol) 40 mg. + Boldenone from 400 mg per week - a safe course for very high-quality muscle mass. It makes sense to do such a course at least 8 weeks because Boldenone "speeds up" very long. Obligatory use of gonadotropin and withdrawal from the course on "short" testosterone ester three weeks before the end of the course, followed by taking anti-estrogenic drugs.

    Turinabol (Turnabol) 40 mg. + Testosterone (Sustanon, Testosterone Enanthate) from 250 mg. per week. Duration from 6 weeks.

    Turinabol (Turnabol) steroid 40 mg. + Nantrolone (Deca) from 200 mg. per week.

    Turinabol (Turnabol) steroids 40 mg. + Testosterone Propionate from 100 mg every other day - 6 weeks duration - variant of course for lean muscle

    Turnabol course for fighters, boxers, MMA, and track, and field athletes

    Turnabol is very popular with athletes in sports disciplines that require increasing speed, strength, and cardio-respiratory endurance (assuming, of course, that the training is aimed at developing these traits) without body weight gain.
    For track and field athletes, fighters, and other specialized athletes, short courses of Tbol at 10-20 mg daily for 4-6 weeks should be recommended. There is no need for a pre-QT after such a course because there will be almost no inhibition of own testosterone production. After discontinuing this AAS, endogenous testosterone values will return to normal on their own in a few weeks.
    However, competitive athletes should keep in mind that Turnabol (turinabol) is easily "caught" by doping control.
    With the proper equipment and new chromatography-mass spectrometry techniques available to check your doping sample, "long-lived" metabolites of the steroid can be detected after 250 days from the end of the course.

    Turinabol course for women

    Although Turnabol was once the main steroid prescribed by sports doctors in East Germany for women and girls to achieve sports results, we do not recommend its use in recreational sports and fitness for women. There are a number of steroids that can be taken by girls without the risk of side effects. But if you are an ambitious athlete and have already "worked out" your potential in your body, you can try a course of this steroid.
    The maximum dosage should not exceed 10-15 mg per day, divided into two doses. Increased dosage may provoke such side effects as virilization - manifestations of male sexual characteristics: decreased tone of voice, hypertrophy of the clitoris, irregularities of the monthly cycle, hair growth

    PCT after Turnabol courses

    As we mentioned above, Turnabol (Turinabol), if used in relatively low doses and for a short period of time, moderately inhibits testicular function and there is no need to inject gonadotropin during short courses.
    The preferred therapy is to buy Clomed, a new generation selective estrogen receptor blocker that has no toxic effects on the body. But tamoxifen can also be used.

    Therapy clomed after the course begins 24 hours after the last dose of Turnabol. The duration of PСT is 25 days.

    - For the first two weeks, the dosage of clomed will be 50 mg per day.
    - For the next 10 days we take 25 mg

    This time and dosage are enough to bring the values of own testosterone to pre-course values.
    It is an interesting fact that often the autologous testosterone values after PСT become higher than they were before the course.

    Athletes about Turnabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    Tbol has been used in sports for many years. During all this time, one could hear only positive reviews about Turanabol Balkan. It is not only a safe steroid but also quite effective. If the anabolic is used as recommended, the risks of side effects will be minimal. Don't think that Turanabol is only for beginners. It is also actively used in professional sports.

    It is also worth noting that due to the growing popularity of this anabolic steroid, many cheap fakes (fakes) have appeared on the web. Our site has been operating for many years and by no means accepts offers to buy fake, cheaper products. You can buy Turnabol for bodybuilding from a well-known manufacturer on our verified website.

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    Turnabol is a good drug

    Ordered turnabol all went ok, fast delivery, 100% original. I really like to buy from this internet pharmacy. I use Balkan Pharmacy products for a long time, I also like Dragon Pharma. So feel free to order turnabol, I recommend it.

    Turnabol is a good drug, the main thing is to use strictly according to the instructions.

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    Turanabol (Turinabol, Turnabol) 10 mg

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