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List of products by Genetic Pharmaceuticals

Genetic Pharmaceuticals

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a pharmaceutical company that was founded on April 11, 2001. The company's core values include safety, teamwork, unity, respect, and integrity.

The company uses exceptionally safe, innovative practices. Reliable, high-quality raw materials are used in the production of drugs, modern conveyors help to optimize working time and production costs. Thus, the consumer can get the product in an expedited manner and at a better price.

Another no less important distinction of Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is its concern for the environment. The company challenges waste and encourages eco-efficient production. The company's goals are not strictly individual. Management strives to be in line with global industry trends.

Modern operating principles

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited's ambitious management team keeps pace with the times by setting achievable goals for employees. The company's main goal is to become one of the most efficient, modern, and reliable medical companies in the world. And Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited succeeds in this.

90% of success depends on the employees who work in the company. It is on their shoulders that all the most difficult work falls, and the achievement of goals depends on them. Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited employees strive to keep up with the times and improve their professionalism. This is done in order for the company to constantly develop and become better.

Employees are constantly undergoing programs to improve their qualifications and general professional level. Training takes place formally and informally for the prosperity of the team and the company as a whole.

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited has a friendly atmosphere that involves sharing and thriving as a team and as individuals. Every initiative is encouraged, and successes are motivated by a promising salary and the opportunity for career advancement.

Product range.

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited develops and creates anabolics, neuroleptics, bone health products, children's medicines, antibiotics, and more that are good for people's health and help them achieve their desired success in various fields. The company makes dozens of drugs for people of different ages and with different ailments.

The management and employees of the company constantly warn that it is forbidden to self-medicate. Before taking any medication, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Medication is not a toy. It is important to take any medication consciously. It is also necessary to keep medications away from children.

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited promotes a healthy lifestyle in its social media and gives a lot of advice to users.


Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited offers development and encourages collaboration and openness. The company has partners, and employees share experiences and ideas, contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical market and achieving high results.

Partnerships are possible because Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited has advanced manufacturing, best operating practices, and state-of-the-art research laboratories. The company is willing to share its achievements if it contributes to the development of society.

Through a responsible approach, Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited collaborates with companies all over the world: from the United States, China, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Three Key Performance Criteria

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited focuses on three pillars: innovation, quality, and collaboration. Innovation is at the core of drug production and development. Every self-respecting company must keep up with the times and provide consumers with the best.

Quality certainly plays a fundamental role in attracting customers and gaining their respect, loyalty, and love. Therefore, Genetic Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is constantly improving, focusing on training employees and finding the best raw materials.

And cooperation is encouraged both among the staff and with other companies. In this way, a unique environment is created to help unlock existing potential.