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List of products by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

British Dragon steroids

British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is a Thailand-based pharmaceutical company that began operations in 1999. The company provides customers with the necessary support and the best service. The specificity of British Dragon is the production of anabolics for athletes and bodybuilders.

Initially, the target market for the company was chosen the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, then the management switched its attention to the United States. After all, in this area there is a very extensive market of anabolics, there is a high demand for them and competition among companies.

Production British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

From the very beginning, British Dragon created an extensive line of production, offering a wide range of drugs. The activity was as follows: the pills were made directly in Thailand and then sent to the U.S. for packaging.

Five years later, in 2004, the company switched to a normal type of production. In 2008 there was a rebranding of the company.

According to some reports, British Dragon produces 18 oral medications and 15 injectables. According to many product analyses conducted, all of the company's products are of high quality.

In addition, you can confirm the authenticity and quality of the product online on the company's website by entering the product code into a special field.

Quality control British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

The modern consumer with a proper approach to their health can check the quality of any product they purchase. Therefore, many companies strive to constantly improve the quality of their products.

British Dragon pays special attention to both increase production capacity and preserving the quality of its products. The company is constantly introducing modern technologies into production because they can minimize costs. And this, in turn, is not unimportant for the end user. After all, he can get the desired product at a lower price.

The production uses strictly selected ingredients - raw materials of the highest quality. Packaging is not the least important. In recent years, the especially acute discussion is the issue of environmental protection. So British Dragon tries to make packaging that is safe both for people and for the environment.

What is also important, especially for the pharmaceutical industry, is quality control. After all, it is different from other areas. It is worth noting that at British Dragon Thailand, this process takes place even before production begins. As already mentioned, raw materials are inspected and tested. Equipment and its parts are also checked to prevent foreign particles from getting into the preparations and to prevent the presence of defects.

Each employee involved in production has sufficient experience and qualification and knows everything about the goods produced. Therefore, he can quickly solve problems in production.

In addition to international standards, British Dragon has developed its own. Every production process is checked for compliance with these standards. After production is completed the drugs are sent to the laboratory for inspection and testing. This way maximum compliance with the standards is achieved.

But that is not all. After all the tests and analyses, the produced drugs are stored in the factory for another two weeks. Only after the final check for quality, the products are sent to the points of sale.

A manufacturer you can trust British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Despite the fact that every production process is carefully controlled, that is not all. Most of the products manufactured by British Dragon have a shelf life of up to three years. For this reason, random samples from the batch are withdrawn to check the quality and integrity of the product.

In this way, British Dragon Pharmaceuticals proves its excellent reputation. All products are of the best quality, their authenticity can be easily checked, and consumers are sure to get exactly what they want in the end.

Thai manufacturer British Dragon is a pharmaceuticals company you can trust with your health!