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    Stanozolol (Strombaject Aqua) 10 ml

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    Strombaject Aqua 10 ml (Stanozolol)

    Strombaject Aqua from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a Stanozolol based injectable in a convenient 10 ml bottle.
    Stanozolol, is a well-known anabolic steroid derived from Testosterone with several molecular changes that give it its unique properties. It is available in both tablets and injectables. Bodybuilders and athletes put it on the third place of the pedestal among the best anabolic steroids, after Testosterone and Trenbolone. For most athletes stanozolol for sale is also a cheap alternative to Oxandrolone. It is manufactured on a dihydrotestosterone basis. It does not lend itself to aromatization. The high efficiency of this product and its popularity is justified by the fact that its anabolic activity is 320% relative to testosterone, and its androgenic index is at 30%.
    Action of stanozolol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals
    Stanozolol is an anabolic androgenic steroid, which is a derivative of DHT. It was obtained by changing the 3-keto group to the pyrazole A-rings group, which resulted in a heterocyclic effect. The methyl group was also added to give alkylated effects.

    Why buy stanozolol?

    -Reducing the level of HGH hormone in the blood and taking it in half, thus increasing the effectiveness of the course and enhancing the effects of testosterone (if injected in parallel with the course of course)
    -Increases the production of protein, a building block for muscle tissue;
    -Increases nitrogen retention in the tissues. This increases vinosity and pumping;
    -An increase in red blood cell count, which increases the oxygen saturation of the cells. The result is increased endurance;
    -Lowered levels of glucocorticosteroids, including cortisol. The hormones in this group have a negative effect on muscles and neutralize the effect of exercise;
    -Its benefits are that it is unflavoured, which means it retains less fluid in the body.

    Pharmacological properties of Stanozolol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    Below you can find a brief description of the steroid profile of the product, including anabolic activity and other parameters that distinguish it from other anabolic products, which will help you formulate your own course based on your individual preferences and health history.
    -Anabolic activity - 320% of testosterone.
    -Androgenic activity - 30% of testosterone.
    -Progestin activity - none.
    -Ability to aromatase - none.
    -Dehydrotestosterone derivative (DHT) - yes.
    -Water retention - low.
    -Effects on the liver - moderate.
    -Blood pressure: increases moderately.
    -Acne - moderate.
    -Form of release - injections and tablets.
    -The duration of action is up to 9 hours.
    -Time of detection in doping control - up to 3 months.

    Positive traits of this drug, you should consult your doctor and trainer before taking it, and assess all possible risks from using a steroid. When comparing tablet and injectable forms, it can be seen that tablets are more damaging to the liver than injections.
    The steroid does not suppress the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. There is no need to use Gonadotropin during use. Taking this steroid can increase the risk of various injuries. Bodybuilders very rarely use the drug in a solo course.

    Stanozolol dosages for bodybuilding

    The product is very much in demand for use by women. The high demand is due to the fact that there are very few anabolic steroids that can be used by females. If taken by women, the average daily dose of Stanozolol should not exceed 20 mg of the active ingredient. The duration of use for women is 6 weeks. This rule should also be followed in cyclic sports.
    Bodybuilders take a Stanozolol dose of 20 to 60 mg. These doses do not have any negative effects on the liver. A PCT should be performed at the end of the dosing regimen.
    Stanozolol for sale is an anabolic steroid that combines well with other similar drugs. We do not recommend the use of two tablets, so it is best to prefer the injectable form of release. It is most often combined with Testosterone Propionate. For drying, Propandrol, Nandrolone, Primobol are excellent.

    Stanozolol dosages for bodybuilding combined courses:

    A drying course for experienced lifters averages about 50 mg Stanozolol dose in injections per day, 100 mg Testosterone Propionate and 75-100 mg Parabolan Acetate every other day. Course duration is 6-8 weeks 3 weeks PST (Clomed at 50-100 mg per day).
    A strength course for experienced lifters. On average about 50 mg Stanozolol dose by injection, 40 mg Turanabol per day, 400-600 mg Boldenone per week, and 100 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate every other day. Course duration - 8 weeks 3 weeks PST (Tamoximed 20-30 mg per day)

    Side effects stanozolol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    Apart from the positive effects, there are also negative effects that users may encounter when using the drug inappropriately or when they neglect to follow contraindications and recommendations. Most negative reactions of the organism occur either because of poor nutrition, because of severe hormonal alterations of the patient or because of genetics, which the person has preferred not to take into consideration, hoping that nothing will affect him and everything will be fine. But expectations do not always match reality and there is always a good chance of encountering a number of such complications:
    -(Negative for women) coarsening of the voice, masculine hair, increased size of the clitoris;
    -(negative for men) suppression of testosterone and suppression of sex cells;
    -alopecia (hair loss);
    -acne (pimples);
    -deterioration of lipograms;
    -high blood pressure;
    -deterioration of liver function;
    -kidney strain;
    -digestive system strain;
    -decreased sex drive;
    -joint pain;
    Clomed or Tamoxifen are the mainstay of PCT.

    Why buy stanozolol?

    This steroid is ideal for muscle drying courses. The product is a dihydrotestosterone derivative. A number of chemical modifications have resulted in maximum anabolic activity and minimal androgenic activity. Buy stanozolol at the best price online. Also do not forget that stanozolol for sale we have the best quality.

    Data sheet

    Injectable suspension
    10 ml (50mg/ml)
    QTY in box:
    1 vial x 10 ml (50mg/ml)
    Active substanse:
    benzyl alcohol, myristyl-γ-picolinium chloride, macrogol, sodium chloride, water for injection
    Steroid Injections
    Balkan Pharmaceuticals
    Trade name:
    Stombaject Aqua, Stanozolol

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    Stanozolol (Strombaject Aqua) 10 ml

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