How long does it take to receive my order?

The delivery time is usually 10-17 working days.  Nowadays, some Posts around the world have started to send parcels on charter flights and unfortunately it is very difficult for us to predict possible delays.

Why has my parcel been in the same place for a week?

It depends on how the Posts and transport companies work. Delays can occur for their internal and possibly legitimate reasons. We, like you, can only track the movement of our parcels by tracking codes.

Is it possible for a parcel to be confiscated by customs?

Yes, there are precedents of this happening. In such a situation, we will resend your order at no extra charge or other conditions. If for any reason we are unable to despatch your order, we will refund 100% of the amount you paid. Whatever the circumstances, you may spend time waiting for the parcel, but we are the ones at risk of losing money, not you.

Do you send parcels without paying in advance?

No, orders are only dispatched after payment.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order by any convenient way:

  • BTC.
  • PayPal

How can I be sure that you are selling genuine products?

Almost all retailers claim that the products in their shop are 100% original. We work directly with the manufacturers of the medicines and have the supporting documents. If you have any doubts about the claimed quality, you can place a "trial" order for a small amount to make sure you get the original product.

What is the minimum order limit?

There is no minimum order limit in the Balkan Pharmacy online shop. We are well aware that you as a buyer may have a lot of questions: originality of the product, delivery, etc. We know that when ordering from us for the first time, you are not prepared to risk a significant amount.  Therefore, we will deliver your order no matter what it costs.

Do you have any discounts?

Absolutely, we have permanent discounts! If you're interested in special offers, sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to be notified of upcoming promotions and sales.

Do you have discounts for wholesale customers?

Balkan Pharmacy is aimed at retail customers and for this reason all prices shown on the website are retail prices.  If you need wholesale supplies, you can write to us and we will try to help.

How to use this or that medicine, how to determine the dosage?

To find out what a drug is for, what the recommended dosage is, write to our experienced and competent consultants. They will answer all your questions. But do not forget to take responsibility for your health! Consult a sports doctor or an experienced trainer before you start taking the product. They will give you precise recommendations based on your individual parameters.

Is it legal to sell and buy steroid medicines?

If you are asking about this, you should know:
All of the drugs available at Balkan Pharmacy are certified products. Their use is legal and safe as long as you follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
However, the laws of different countries have different rules regarding the purchase, sale and use of steroid medicines. Even in countries that belong to the European Union, the rules may vary from complete prohibition to complete freedom.
In order not to break the laws of your country, ask the relevant government agency or your local counsellor for information.

Is it dangerous to use steroids?

Let's just say that the risk of unwanted side effects or health problems has been greatly exaggerated by the media. There are some simple rules that can be followed to safely take steroid medication:
If you have the slightest doubt about the quality of a drug you have purchased, stop taking it immediately;
Never exceed the recommended dosage and cycle time;
If you are unsure, never take more than one unknown drug in a combined cycle at the same time;
If you experience any adverse side effects or any discomfort of any kind, stop taking the medicine immediately and see your doctor;
Have blood tests before, during and at the end of your training cycle. This way you will always be aware of your state of health;
Always consult a sports physician or a competent trainer before taking the product. They are experienced and understand the problem of taking steroid drugs.

To which countries do you ship orders?

Balkan Pharmacy will send your order anywhere in the world. But will you be able to receive your parcel? The customs services of countries such as Canada, Germany, Israel, Australia and New Zealand scan absolutely all parcels and may confiscate the parcel containing steroids. This means that we unfortunately do not ship to these countries to avoid confiscation.

Is it possible to get my order faster by paying more money?

No, we are unable to deliver your parcel faster, even if you pay extra money. The delivery time depends on the postal services and transportation companies as well as the specifics of our products.