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Post Cycle Therapy

Post-cycle therapy - the necessary step you need to take

People who have been taking steroids for a while know already that the process of obtaining the wanted result is not easy. At times there are some significant obstacles appearing on the way, but this article is a reminder that it happens to many and you should not give up at the first sight of them.
When you stop with your anabolic steroids for whatever reason you may have, you should know that the natural level of testosterone will be decreased.
This will lead to several consequences we need to inform you about, in case you do not know.
If your body stopped taking in the anabolic steroids you will start to lose muscle mass. This is inevitable. The proportion will be equal to the dosage of anabolic steroids. This is the bad news we have for you. But the good news is that there is a solution.
We call it “post-cycle therapy” and with the help of it you will minimize the damage.
You need to take this seriously and understand that this is not about you. Every athlete goes through the post-cycle therapy. It is unavoidable.
So what are the reasons for having the post-cycle therapy?
First of all, you have to read about the post-cycle therapy and come to terms with the fact that even the best sportsmen in this world need PCT after their steroid treatment. The mentioned below is why they do it:
-In order to resume normal testosterone synthesis and cut down the level of hormones. The amount of estrogen will be much higher during the PCT.
-In order to recuperate one’s libido and spermatogenesis.
-In order to bring down the level of cortisol when you turn down your physical activity. When this happens your body is really fragile, rather weak we would say, and it is not possible to go on just like you used to because you are not as strong anymore. You can cause yourself damage if you do not reduce your physical activities. This will have a negative effect on your muscles.
But there is also some important information we would like to share with you. When you finally decide to start your post-cycle therapy after taking steroids, it is necessary to wait for the natural release of synthetic hormones from the blood. You have to pay attention to how fast the breakdown of medication happens. Sometimes it takes longer, while at times it can take just a couple of days.
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You need to keep a good balance here. Your dosage and duration of the cycle will totally depend on the doses and duration of the anabolic steroids cycle. This drug will also balance your hormones and restitue your sexual life bringing it back to how it used to be.
Tamoximed 10 and Tamoximed 20 - this is possibly the favorite product on the list of favorite hormonal products. Usually sportsmen take them in order to prevent any side-effects.
Active components of these medications can affect the receptors of female sex hormones. But they can improve musculature in men as well. Mainly to get these effects the drugs are usually combined with various steroids. But make sure you know what you are doing. The wrong combination of drugs can damage your health.
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